King Alfred's Way Route Guide

King Alfred's Way guidebook

King Alfred's Way Route Guide

King Alfred’s Way is Cycling UK's newest off-road trail - a 350km circular adventure route around the heart of historic Wessex. Journey through 10,000 years of history, connecting Stonehenge, Avebury stone circle, Iron Age hill forts, Farnham Castle, and Winchester and Salisbury Cathedrals.

The comprehensive route guide is written by archeologist-turned-MTB-writer Guy Kesteven, and will open your eyes to the rich history and archeology around the route as you explore the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Alfred the Great.

It includes the full route mapped on 1:50 000 Ordnance Survey maps, as well as information about facilities along the way and suggested itineraries to help you plan your trip.


Any profit will go towards Cycling UK's ongoing work to improve King Alfred's Way and the Great North Trail, and also develop and link up more long distance trails in the UK. 


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