Trivets date bars and badges

Tri-Vets Badge to which date bars are attached

Trivets date bars and badges

Only taking place once every three years, the Cycling UK Triennial Veterans’ rides are a great opportunity to prove you still have strength and stamina after the age of 50. To commemorate your achievement, you can order a badge and a date bar to attach to it for every year you complete one of our Tri-Vets events.

The 2019 date bars cost £2.50 including p&p and the badges are £4.50 including p&p.

Order both together or separately if you have already got a badge and want a new date bar for 2019 to attach to it.

When ordering, please state which Tri-Vets’ events you completed with the date.



Note that as these are ordered in bulk, they will not be despatched until 6 weeks after the orders are processed, which will most likely be in early September. We apologise for this unavoidable delay.