Trivets date bars and badges

Tri-Vets Badge to which date bars are attached

Trivets date bars and badges

Only taking place once every three years, the Cycling UK Triennial Veterans’ rides are a great opportunity to prove you still have strength and stamina after the age of 50. To commemorate your achievement, you can order a badge and a date bar to attach to it for every year you complete one of our Tri-Vets events.

The 2019 date bars cost £2.50 including p&p and the badges are £4.50 including p&p.

Order both together or separately if you have already got a badge and want a new date bar for 2019 to attach to it.

When ordering, please state which Tri-Vets events you completed with the date. If you have missed ordering a date bar for a previous year's event, contact us to see if we have one in stock.

NOTE that the date for LAST ORDERS for badges and date bars will be FRIDAY 16 AUGUST 2019. As these are ordered in bulk, they will not be dispatched until 6 weeks after the orders are processed, which will most likely be in early to mid-September 2019. We apologise for this unavoidable delay.